A Very Special Night

Hear from Nev Schulman, star and host of MTV's hit series Catfish: The TV Show, about online dating, relationships, and life in a digital world.  The lecture will be followed by a Q+A session and a VIP Meet and Greet.

What Students Are Saying...

"Although his stories of poor decisions and sexual encounters were entertaining, it was his insight into the importance of fostering strong relationships that I found most profound." -  The Odyssey Student Paper

"To hear how some one made the transition from the sometimes perilous college years into a successful, down-to-eath guy was truly awe-inspiring" - Her Campus Online

What Schools Are Saying...

"He was fantastic! We sold out the auditorium, which seats almost 1000. He was extremely friendly, gracious, and easy-going to work with, which was refreshing. Thanks again for all of your help; everyone seemed to really enjoy what he had to say, and he generated quite the buzz around campus." - Northeastern University

"Everything went very well on our end with Nev – I hope that he enjoyed the experience! There was a great turnout and Nev was very kind to go out of his way to engage with all of the attendees who hoped for a photo and a signed book. He was a pleasure to have on campus and definitely communicated some important messages for today’s college students. Thank you again for all of your help in bringing this to fruition." - Washington State University

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