On the Internet, You Can Be Anyone...
What If You Want to Be Yourself?

As the host of Catfish: The TV Show and the leading authority on digital romance, Nev Schulman has investigated dozens of online relationships to determine whether a catfish—someone who lies about his or her identity online—is involved. Now Nev brings his expertise to the page, sharing insider secrets about:

  • what motivates catfish

  • why people fall for catfish

  • how you can avoid being deceived

  • rules for dating—both online and off

  • how to connect authentically with others over the Internet

  • how to turn an online relationship into a real-life relationship

. . . and much, much more. 

Peppered throughout with Nev’s personal stories, this book delves deeply into the complexities of online identity. Nev shows us how our digital lives are affecting our real lives and provides essential advice about how we should all be living and loving in the era of social media.

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